Affiliate Marketing – Video Course

Internet Marketing With Brian R. Rayve

Affiliate Marketing – Video Course

Type: Online Course



Affiliate Marketing – Video Course

Section 1

Lecture 1

The Life of an Affiliate Marketer: What To Expect

Lecture 2

The Affiliate Marketing Lifestyle: What Does Affiliate Marketing Involve?

Lecture 3

How to Approach Affiliate Marketing

Section 2

Lecture 4

The Mechanics of Affiliate Marketing: How It All Works

Lecture 5

Types of Affiliate Programs and Choosing the Best Products

Lecture 6

Your Beginner Strategy: Don’t Reinvent the Wheel!

Lecture 7

Making Things Sell

Section 3

Lecture 8

Affiliate Marketing in Person

Lecture 9

Using Your Existing Routes To Market

Lecture 10

Marketing Your Blog, Mailing List, and Sales Page