Basic Pinterest Marketing Ideas

Pinterest Marketing Ideas

Pinterest is a good tool for marketing. The way this new social media is built brings to fore its nifty ability to become a force to reckon with in pushing your products and earn money online. It is a platform where content is crowd sourced which are mostly grouped into topics. That is why marketers are jumping into the fray with the hope that it will turn the marketing efforts into gold. Curiously, Pinterest uses its native power to encourage people using pictures. It sets the tone on what are the things that interests a person, thus the name Pinterest. It is the objective of Pinterest to connect people through things that that have common interests.

When engaging in marketing in Pinterest it is important to avoid the magpie syndrome. Don’t dive in just because you can. You need to invest time and effort to make your marketing activities bear fruit. Not just because Pinterest is new you have to join in to be in the crowd. That would be the biggest mistake that you can commit at this point in time. When you are marketing with Pinterest it is good to learn how the game is played. This will give you better chances in succeeding. Here are some of the ideas that you can use in your marketing efforts to make it successful.

Contests. Contests are great way of generating awareness and exposure for your product both in the online and offline world. The mechanics of joining your Pinterest contests should be easy and every entry should be a sure winner. This will make people flock to your boards and follow you. The amount of eyeballs that will be considered for the contest is a tremendous boost in giving your products and business more exposure.

Fan boards. This trick worked for Facebook and it should work for Pinterest too. Allow other Pinterest users to pin things on boards that you host. Ask the users to pin pictures that show how your products are being used in the real world. This is an excellent way of endorsing the products by relatively obscure persons that are enjoying the benefits of using your products. People tend to emulate other people if you try to show off how beneficial your products can be for their lifestyle through pictures.

Create original content. Let’s face it. About 80 percent of the activities in Pinterest are driven by re-pins. This means that original content has the potential to rule the Pinterest universe. Original content has far more chances to be re-pinned than non-original content. This will give a boost for your products exposure and awareness.

Be follow-worthy. Make your board worthy of following through thought provoking content. The more interesting your content becomes the better chances that you will earn more followers. Another thing to note so you’d be follow-worthy is to first follow others. This is the principle that has been proven all across the social media galaxy. If you follow the top dogs chances are they will follow you back. If the top dog follows you the follow the leader syndrome kicks in which can earn you more eyeballs that will boost the visibility of your products.

Marketing with Pinterest can become a good investment to make. The amount of time and effort that you spend on Pinterest can make or break your marketing and the amount of money that you will earn. The surest way to succeed in marketing in Pinterest is to spend a lot on research and to learn the best practices from other marketers and even your competitors.