Free Lead System FAQ’s

What’s the catch… Why are you giving me a free system?

Just like Costco gives away free samples, we’re basically doing the same thing. We know that a certain percentage of people WILL upgrade to our premium membership.

I still don’t get it, why are you allowing me to promote MY business with this system?

As incredible as it is for you to be able to create massive leads and exposure to YOUR business, every lead you generate will obviously be given the opportunity to upgrade whenever they log in to use THEIR system. The more exposure you create for your Primary business, the more potential for us to receive those who upgrade… it’s a true WIN WIN for both you and us.

Who is behind the Free Lead System?

The creator of the Free Lead System is Priceless Possibilities. They have been creating custom marketing systems for nearly two decades, working with companies like Anthony Robbins.

Will this conflict with my Primary business if I’m giving my downline this free system?… In other words, how do I know my downline won’t get distracted?

Your downline is going to need leads. They are also going to need an autoresponder, sales funnel, and training. It only makes sense that since they are going to be using these tools anyway, they might as well get them from you. Besides, if you don’t tell them, someone else will… MLM Distributors have been creating success for themselves with this platform for nearly 2 decades. These are the very tools that will propel them have more success in your company. Your downline will THANK you for recommending effective tools that HELP them succeed in your Primary business.

Do I keep every lead I generate?

No, as a free member, every other lead is passed to your sponsor.

Why would I want to use the Free Lead System if every other lead I generate is being passed to my

This is the magic behind the system… this is what creates a flood of FREE LEADS for YOU! For example: Suppose you generate 10 leads. You keep 5 and 5 roll up. Now suppose your five leads do the same and generate 10 leads each. With every other lead rolling to you, you would now have 25 FREE leads. (your 5 leads getting 10 leads each is 50 leads… however you are getting every other one, which in this example would be 25 leads). You would now be getting every other lead from 25 NEW people (in addition to your original 5). When those 25 get 10 leads each, you’d now you have 125 MORE free leads. (25 people in your contact manager each generating 10 leads each would be 250 leads… however you would be getting HALF of these leads, which in this example is 125). This process NEVER stops and is called exponential growth (Imagine getting FREE leads exponentially!). You could have leads pouring in on a daily basis, and it
can all start by you giving away just ONE system.

There is nothing like this. Not only is this very exciting, it’s powerful… and the amazing results we’re seeing, speak for themselves.

Is there a way I can keep ALL of my leads without passing any up?

Absolutely, simply upgrade to Lead Lightning for only $7 one time.

Is there an email campaign that goes out to my prospects/leads?

Yes! EVERY lead that enters your contact manager (whether you generated it, or if it was ‘passed up’ to you), will be receiving a professionally written ’email campaign’ that presents you as an expert in the industry. In addition, this autoresponder campaign contains clickable links that jumps your prospects to the website of your choice… and all of this happens automatically the moment your prospect submits their info (opts in) to your lead capture page.

Where is my lead capture page?

It’s on the same page as the FAQ button you just clicked on. It’s clearly labeled ‘Your Personal Referral Link’.

When a lead passes up to me and goes into my contact manager, does the person who passed them up to me have their contact info?

No, this lead is now exclusively yours and will automatically receive their log in details, along with an email campaign presenting you as an expert in the industry. This same email campaign will include clickable links to YOUR primary business website.

When I start getting leads, where do I find them?

Click on the word ‘Leads’ (main header along the top when you first log in).

Do you ever market to my leads?

Absolutely not… these are YOUR leads and will NEVER be marketed to with any 3rd party offer or upsell… EVER!

How do I know you’re not just building a master list to market to?

The owners of the Free Lead System/Priceless Possibilities have been creating custom systems for nearly two decades, and they are men with integrity. Additionally, any attempt to market to your leads would completely devastate the entire system. The reason the Free Lead System works is because you are being provided with a highly effective way to build your list and create exposure for your primary business. At the same time, there will always be a certain percentage of free members who upgrade, which means everybody wins. Your leads/list is absolutely safe.

Is my Free Lead System absolutely free forever?


How do I start generating leads?

Watch the ‘How Do I Market My Link’ video found below the getting started video (below your referral link)

When I hover my cursor over ‘Promotional Tools’, how come I don’t see any sub-headers?

Some versions of Internet Explorer are causing this issue… Until we get it resolved, please use another browser, other than Internet Explorer.

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