How To Sell Your Service Bigger With Pinterest

Selling On Pinterest

By now we all know how products are being sold through Pinterest. Pin a picture of a product, the user clicks on it then gets directed to the blog or website of a business and a sale is made. Pretty straightforward, no buzz and vanilla flavored. Now, what if your business is not about goods but services, will it still flourish in Pinterest? The answer to that question really depends on you. The amount of time and effort to customize your activities on Pinterest will give you better chances of succeeding in the marketing of your service.

Pinterest has a natural leverage for businesses that are primarily selling a good. Goods are easier to sell in Pinterest because of the pictures that you pin. Services on the other hand are more about experiencing the event. You can however change the rules of the game by doing some neat little tweaks along the way to favor your service-oriented business and use the leverage that Pinterest offers.

If you are a service-oriented business that wants to promote to users and use the power of Pinterest to make your business known, here are some things to consider when you foray into this new social network.

Getting it more personal. One of the natural advantages of social media is easy to make things personal. This is particularly helpful for businesses that offer services than goods. This is a natural leverage that will work for service-based businesses such as remodelers, contractors, utility services or even maid services. The personal touch allows the business to be at an intimate level with people seeking for help and leverage that intimacy towards trust and confidence that your business has what it takes to just that.

Showing off your strengths. One of the things about Pinterest is that it is primarily visual. Unlike other social media networks, Pinterest draws its strength from the pictures and videos that are pinned. So if you are in the services business, it pays to pin pictures of your business in action. This will give people an idea how well you are doing your job and gain the confidence of your future clients.

Make a lot of tutorials. Like content, tutorials are king in Pinterest. Tutorial is a king with a limited-spaced kingdom in the Pinterest universe. People turn to the Internet to get information and it would make sense to use this natural leverage to your advantage. Pin lots of infographics about remodeling ideas or trends in the remodeling industry. If you are a home repair contractor, help your future clients how to change a light bulb or replace a busted wall socket. The caveat here is never to forget the call to action. The call to action is crucial in telling clients that it is easy to change a wall socket but you run risk of electric shock, better to spend a small amount of money with an electrician than spend it lying on a hospital bed somewhere.

As you can see above, there are lots of ways to promote your service-oriented business using Pinterest. All you need during the first few months is to know how the social media network works. From then you need to learn how to effectively engage with your potential customers – and thus make money online with this popular social site! Always observe Pinterest etiquette when pinning and you will be on your way to Pinterest marketing glory.