Kindle Publishing – Publish for Profit

Kindle Publishing For Profit

Before the arrival of Kindle, only a select group of authors were able to publish their books and sell them to people. Unlike being a musician or dancer, an author needs more than a good book to convince publishers to publish their books. Though the Kindle eBook reading device has been around for years now, the market for eBooks has recently skyrocketed and now provides users a chance to purchase digital copies of their books straight to the device.

This digitalization has threatened the market for printed books, bringing the question of whether printed books can go hand in hand together with digital books. With the advent of more smartphones and tablets, it’s a good time for Internet marketers to venture into the digital publishing business.

Kindle provides Internet marketers a chance to make a profit with their Kindle Publishing Program.

The program allows anyone to create and publish digital content that will be distributed through the Kindle network. The program breaks down into three types:

– Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP is the program which marketers avail of if they want to publish full-length books, whether it’s from traditional authors who are making a leap into the digital world or from “Indie” authors looking to make a name for themselves.

– Kindle Singles is a recent addition to the network which facilitates the selling of digital essays (10,000 – 30,000 words) for a few dollars a pop.

– Kindle Publishing for Newspaper, Blogs, and Magazines are a group of programs recently introduced into the network that facilitates digital distribution of various print media like newspapers and magazines.

How does one make a profit of Kindle?

Like traditional publishing, Kindle allows you to claim and publish your own content via a digital format, like eBook or downloadable article. Your work, given that they follow the legal guidelines of digital publication, will be sold on the Kindle Network based on the price that you want. For example, one can find digital copies of their favourite Dan Brown or J.K. Rowling novels for the same price as a hardbound or paperback book.

Kindle Singles is also a good way to make a quick buck or two if you want to sell essays without having to reference an entire book. The word count or topic won’t be too much of a challenge for writers, but for marketers who are new into publishing, it can be quite a handful.

More publishers and authors are gearing towards digital publication of their work because most of their consumers are already proponents of digital content.