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Make Money With Kindle Publishing

The successes of authors like JK Rowling and John Grisham have driven other authors to start from scratch, create a powerful story, and make the big bucks. While it’s not entirely impossible to replicate their success, it does pose certain challenges for upcoming authors looking to make a name for themselves.

Publishing a book need not be an expensive undertaking because of the different technological advances, like the creation of eBook readers like Kindle and other devices and the digitization of content. This basically means that anyone who can write can publish a book on the Kindle network and create a decent stream of income.

But is it an overnight miracle? Of course not! Digital publication is victim to the same scrutiny as traditional publication. People who love eBooks are not going to buy books that are low quality. With Kindle providing authors a chance to sell their books on their network for free, it can be tempting to create hundreds of books and hope that one of them sells a lot.

Whether you’re an upcoming author of a romantic novel or an Internet marketer looking to publish a book about affiliate marketing, here’s how you can start making money from Kindle:

1. Write good content – Quality beats quantity, and the reason that people buy from Kindle is that the books and essays are good. Even if you’re just going to publish your essays on the network, you still need to write powerful and good content. If you’re not confident about your writing skills, hire a writer or outsource it.

2. Create a powerful cover – Printed books get our attention through its cover, then synopsis or blurb. A book being on a bookstore or Kindle network will need to have a good cover design. For examples of good covers, check out the likes of Dan Brown’s novels or JK Rowling’s Harry Potter Franchise.

3. Create convincing synopsis or blurb – A blurb is a short paragraph that tells readers about what they can find in the book. It’s how readers get a first impression of your boko. If they don’t like your blurb, you can easily say goodbye to them.

4. Publish on Kindle – Kindle Publishing Program offers low-cost publication for authors and Internet marketers. You can list your novel on the network and wait for the sales to come in. Only your customers can drive your book straight up to the top of the network. No need for optimization and etc.

If you find doubts on succeeding on the Kindle network, you’ll find tons of success stories from authors who published on Kindle and are now six-figure income a year.