Kindle Publishing – Things You Need to Know About Self-Publishing

Self-Publishing on Kindle

Before the advent of Kindle and other eBook reading devices, authors relied on nothing but talented agents to find people to publish their work. Of course, success wasn’t always guaranteed because of how expensive it was to publish a book back then. Like gambling, you need to invest a lot of money and hope that every penny you spent is returned to you and more. Successful authors like John Grisham, Dale Brown, and JK Rowling all started out of nothing: Grisham got rejected lots of times by publishers while Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book on a café.

Fast forward to today, digital publication is slowly taking over, given that it won’t cost you a single cent to publish and sell your book. One of the best examples of digital publishing that helps authors earn money is the Kindle Publishing Program. This program allows authors and writers to publish and sell their books and essays on the Kindle network. For those of you who don’t know, Kindle network runs on the same network as Amazon network.

But is self-publishing really worth taking the risk? Before you start writing a book and publish it on Kindle, here are some things that you need to know about self-publishing.
For the sake of this argument, let us create a scenario where a new author is trying to sell his new romantic novel.

1. Self-publishing removes the necessity of hiring agents and publishers. For the Kindle Publishing Program, it won’t cost the author a single cent to publish, but Kindle takes 10% of the sales generated (which is not entirely that bad). Sell a book for 99p and you’d still get 90p and Kindle gets 9p.

2. Self-publishing is everyone’s GO-TO method for making a quick buck. Everyone is doing it. Because of the free publishing, it will be difficult for your book to stand out amongst the mediocre competitors. Apart from being free, self-publishing is also very easy. All one really needs to do is write on Microsoft Word and convert it into a PDF file, create a good cover and blurb, and publish on Kindle.

3. Because of the many books being sold on the network, it’s not always guaranteed that your book will be bought on a daily basis.

4. Digital publication is the way to go. Printed books are too expensive and in this day and age, more people are inclined to reading their books on the devices as opposed to buying a hardcopy.

Self-publishing is still make-or-break for any aspiring author or writer. When done correctly, an author can rake in as much as six figures every year from the Kindle network.