Kindle Publishing – Why Write an eBook and Publish on Kindle?

Kindle Publishing

While the technology of reading digital books is not new, the market for eBooks is recently headed towards a new direction: UP. The growth of the demand of eBooks has also threatened printed books, to the point that authors are wondering if printed books have a deadline or not. Regardless, authors have found some form of solace in Kindle’s program called Kindle Publishing, which allows authors to publish and sell their content on the Kindle network. Apart from eBooks, essays and digital copies of magazines and newspapers can also be found on the Kindle network.

So the question remains, why must you, as an author or Internet marketer or both, consider writing an eBook and publish it on Kindle?

1. Generate income – Kindle Publishing allows you to sell your book or essay on their network. You get to earn 90% of the sale, while Kindle gets a 10% cut. The trick here is to entice your readers to buy your book. If you will visit their network, you will notice a slew of books that cost 99p, which barely makes a dent in one’s bank account. If you can produce X number of books within a set period of time and sell them, you’ll be earning passive income.

2. Instant access – The burden of delivering or shipping out your books to retailers is removed when you publish on Kindle. The eBook or essay purchased is acquired almost immediately after buying. All you need to do is to download the file to your Kindle or any device and you’re all set. No need to pay retailers or any other third party distributor to help sell your book. Kindle network will do all of that. All you have to do is write and publish.

3. Share your expertise – A handful of Internet marketers have already understood the concept of publishing online. Most of them have eBooks on various topics, from getting started on Internet marketing to making money on affiliate marketing. Authors from various niche’s also followed suit and have published several books containing useful information for our daily lives, from managing our finances with ease to taking care of our pets.

Smartphones and tablets are selling like pancakes, and this has caused the eBook market to skyrocket upward. Whether you’re distributing your content for free or for a minimum price, you shouldn’t ignore the simple benefits of publishing your content on the Kindle network. Who knows? You could be the online equivalent of John Grisham or Anthony Robbins.